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Delivering the Best Results for Your Patients

Creating quality dental restorations, high-end aesthetics, and providing education for practices across the US.

Welcome to CMR Dental Lab, where excellence meets innovation to transform your practice and delight your patients.

Step into our world of precision craftsmanship, where every restoration is meticulously crafted to exceed your expectations and elevate your reputation as a dental professional.

We specialize in providing assistance for full-mouth restorations with an aesthetic focus, as well as a multitude of dental lab services and expertise. With our cutting-edge dental lab technology, high-quality materials,click to open this link in this tab and commitment to transparency, you will achieve the best results with us.

A woman and CMR Dental Lab patient smiling after receiving their new teeth done at the Idaho Falls, ID office
Where Precision Meets Quality

We’re proud to offer an in-depth approach, attention to detail,
and responsiveness from our cosmetic dental lab.

By working with us, your patients get the life-changing results that they deserve, and you have peace of mind throughout the process. We are committed to quality, ensuring that each restoration receives meticulous attention.

Here is what you can expect when collaborating with us:

Quality Materials

To guarantee you the best possible results, we utilize premium materials such as Ivoclar’s line of products. Please see Materials and ServicesClick to open this link in this tab for more information.

Cutting-Edge Technology

CMR has always been an early adopter of the newest dental technology.
Our tools include high end designing software, top of the line precision mills, and high resolution 3D printers. We craft restorations using facially generated aesthetics and offer real-time design visualization.


We understand you have a busy schedule, and your and your patients’ requirements can change. Our goal is to provide a seamless and accommodating experience, making sure that your practice’s requirements are met with precision and efficiency.

Clear and Responsive

Throughout the process, you can count on transparent communication and responsiveness. With screensharing tools, we facilitate real-time collaboration, ensuring dentists have the opportunity to be involved in the decision-making process.

See Our Step-by-Step Process
Cases pre-scheduled:

We encourage pre-scheduling cases, allowing us to allocate resources effectively and ensure prompt turnaround times.

Comprehensive case review:

Upon receiving records, our team conducts a thorough review to understand the treatment plan and requirements.

Design phase:

Utilizing advanced technology, we meticulously design restorations tailored to your patient’s unique needs and preferences.

Milling process:

Our state-of-the-art milling equipment ensures precise fabrication of restorations with superior fit and aesthetics.

Consistency in craftsmanship:

The same ceramist who initiates the case sees it through to completion from designing to hand finishing restorations, ensuring consistency and attention to detail.

Invoicing and shipping:

Once the restoration is finalized, we handle the invoicing process swiftly and arrange for prompt shipping to your practice.

Testimonials about CMR Dental Lab

Hear from experts who we have worked with.

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‘‘I had the opportunity to work with Matt 2 years ago on my first case. I've worked with lots of lab technicians, but Matt's knowledge and attention to detail are unmatched. He delivered beyond my expectations and certainly my patients' as well; I'd recommend him to anyone who wants the best. He will deliver.’’

Chad Schnabel

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‘‘This is at least the 10th crown and bridge lab I've worked with in my career. This delivery of 6 anterior units was the smoothest delivery I've ever made and, by far, the most beautiful porcelain work. Pristine margins, even interproximal, and balanced incisal contacts. Even having worked with other AACD-accredited technicians, I've never experienced anything like this. Well worth the extra 3-4 week wait. CMR gave me back a perfect showcase result!’’

Peter Jeppsen

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‘‘As a prosthodontist, I have worked with many, many dental labs. The attention to detail and restoration quality that CMR Dental Lab delivers is exceptional. Highly highly recommended.’’

Graham Meng

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Unmatched Dental Lab Services

It's not our job. It's our passion.
A female patient smiling after her dental reconstruction treatment
Full Mouth Reconstruction
Total transformations are our specialty, with a focus on the cosmetic and function of your patients’ mouths. You can rest assured that your patients will walk out with healthy, strong, and beautiful smiles.
The close-up smile of a patient
Minimal Prep Veneers
We can equip you with the tools to dramatically enhance smiles conservatively. Your patients can achieve aesthetically pleasing results with minimal alteration to their natural teeth.
The close-up smile of a man who underwent cosmetic treatment
High-End Aesthetics
With our expertise, we can assist you in delivering exquisite restorations. We ensure meticulous attention to detail and superior aesthetics that exceed patient expectations and provide high-quality guidance throughout.

Our Dental Educators

Committed to sharing expertise and experience with you.

Our teamclick to open this link in this tab is made up of top leaders in their field, with contributions to high-quality research and educational institutes. We also share our expertise through continuous education to improve dentistry across the USA.

Our leaders in cosmetic and restorative dentistry teach at:

A collage showing Michael Roberts and his CMR Dental Lab workers hard at work creating dental restorations in the Idaho Falls, ID office
Dive Into Our Results

Incredible smile restorations thanks to our dental lab in Idaho Falls.

Witness the stunning before-and-after results achieved through our dedication to precision and excellence in restorative dentistry. Your patients can also experience the same journeys to a stronger bite and stunning smile!

The before and after of the smile of a man who underwent a full mouth case treatment
Full Mouth Case
The before and after of the smile of a woman who underwent minimal cosmetic treatment
Minimal or No Preparation Case
The before and after of the smile of a woman who underwent veneers treatment
Veneers Case
The before and after of the smile of a woman who underwent Zirconia treatment
Zirconia Case
The before and after of the smile of a woman
Patient Case
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Meet Our Dental Lab Team

Our Idaho Falls dental lab experts are here to help you help your patients get stunning smiles.

Meet the powerhouse behind CMR Dental Lab — a team comprised of industry-leading experts and esteemed thought leaders in the field of restorative dentistry.

Our Conveniences

We focus on efficiency, quality, and expertise at our Idaho Falls office.

Digitally Integrated
  • Seamlessly communicate with our team and be involved throughout the workflow, so that your questions are answered promptly and needs are met efficiently.
  • Enjoy hassle-free file sharing, allowing for quick and secure transfer of essential documents and information.
  • Access resources and updates conveniently, empowering you with the latest insights and tools to enhance your practice.
  • Take control of your time by pre-scheduling cases, ensuring your patients receive timely and reliable treatment.
  • Secure your spot in our production queue, guaranteeing prompt turnaround times and reducing waiting periods.
  • Experience peace of mind knowing that your cases are prioritized and managed effectively, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional patient care.
  • We do still accept analog records.
Resources and Guides
  • Access comprehensive guides and resources for further education and knowledge enhancement.
  • Explore a wealth of case studies showcasing successful treatment outcomes and best practices.
  • Stay informed with expert insights and recommendations to elevate your practice and patient care.
Ready for Quality Results?

We are waiting to help you deliver the best smiles at our Idaho Falls dental lab.

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