Dental Ceramics |1 min read

A Dental Lab with a Winning Approach to Patient Smiles

Our team at CMR Dental takes the lab/clinician relationship to the next level. We believe that in order to provide patients with dynamic smiles that keep them happy long into the future, the entire dental team involved requires a healthy combination of education, communication, careful planning, and execution. When your team works in conjunction with ours, you can expect that our team of professionals will:

  1. Discuss with you how to plan treatment.
  2. Provide diagnostic wax-ups.
  3. Review appropriate restorative materials along with ideal preparation design, and case sequencing.
  4. Once the patient has accepted the proposed treatment, our coordinator will work in conjunction with your dental team to pre-schedule and sequence all steps of treatment along the way.
  5. Ensure that your patient receives a skillfully crafted restoration that exceeds patient expectations in functionality and aesthetic success.

Please contact us at CMR Dental today! Our lab has premier technicians that look forward to working along with your dental team to provide patients with gorgeous, highly functional smiles that make everyone happy.