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Art Thou the Right Dental Lab Technician?

The intricate design of the tooth is a marvel. Reconstructing this superb creation is truly an art. Finding a dental lab technician who is passionate about precision and perfection in reforming the reason for our profession is essential for a successful practice.

At CMR Lab, we are honored to have as part of our team an award winning and influential dental lab technician, Sandra McCafferty Cook. Her experience and success is due to her love for creating these sculptured masterpieces in the lab. This dedication guarantees the best quality products for your practice. This level of care is evident to the client as they enjoy their beautifully and carefully crafted smile. We achieve client satisfaction, dentist satisfaction from successful patient care, and technician satisfaction from a successful product, all due to the craftsmanship of a skilled dental lab technician.

Sandra McCafferty Cook’s impressive accomplishments also add to the value of her educational courses. Her techniques and skills influence the training of many professionals educated through Team Aesthetic Education. Your practice can enjoy the same excellence. Have your team explore our additional training courses.

At CMR Lab, it would be our privilege to provide your team with the highest quality dental lab technician services. We guarantee that you would need to search no further.