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Successful Communication – Dental Education for Your Laboratories

It’s inevitable that at some point throughout our career we confront results of miscommunication with labs. Wrong size? Material? Shape? Collaborated dental education with your laboratories can minimize the chances of errors and mix-ups. How can we at Team Aesthetic Education say that with confidence?

The secret lies in the educational unity of the entire dental team involved – the dentists and the ceramists. Both professional groups are educated about a mutual communication technique to guide their practices, thereby limiting the likelihood of misunderstandings. Both teams are also brought on the same line of thought about aesthetic desires, techniques and quality.

Dental Education Leads to Successful Communication

Imagine the benefits when both parties understand clearly the expectations and desires of each other!

  • Less frustration trying to explain what you expect.
  • Less time waiting for the product due to lack of clarity or waiting for it to be redone because of inaccuracies.
  • That in turn leads to more timely results for the patient and greater client satisfaction.
  • Which ultimately leads to a more successful practice!

Team Aesthetic Education guarantees an increased standard of quality communication for a more efficiently operated dental practice through partnered dental education alongside laboratories. Discover for yourself this key to success!