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With a strong foundation in advanced techniques and methodologies, our team draws from extensive experience and training. This includes affiliations with prestigious organizations like SPEAR click to open this link in a new tab and Pankey, click to open this link in a new tab where some of our team click to open this link in a new tab share their expertise.

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A Systematic Approach to Anterior Esthetics

In this case study, the patient’s smile was successfully transformed by closing gaps and improving anterior guidance. Led by a skilled team, they utilized advanced diagnostic techniques and top-quality materials to achieve outstanding results. A key component of the success was team collaboration, communication, and organization.

Using Porcelain Bonded Restorations

In cases where diastemas need closure, porcelain-bonded restorations offer a clear solution. As shown in this study, veneers provide a dramatic enhancement to smiles with undersized teeth in an oversized arch, transforming appearances significantly.

Achieving Aesthetic Goals While Maintaining Proper Bite Relationships

In this captivating case study, delve into the journey of a 40-year-old woman seeking transformation for her failing smile and occlusal issues. Through meticulous interdisciplinary collaboration and innovative treatment approaches, witness how ceramic restorations breathe new life into her smile, promising both aesthetic brilliance and long-term stability.

Studies for Further Knowledge

Our thought-leaders' cosmetic dentistry expertise can help any professional improve.

Achieving Natural Smile Enhancements

In this guide, you can read a real-life case study where a dentist seeks to enhance his smile without a Hollywood makeover. Delve into the unique challenges faced by both dentists and ceramists in meeting patients’ desires for subtle yet impactful transformations.

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Predictable Aesthetic Results

This article presents a compelling case study showcasing the successful replacement of a porcelain-fused-to-metal bridge with an anterior, 3-unit, all-ceramic CAD/CAM bridge (Lava™ All-Ceramic System). Discover the importance of proper case selection and adherence to clinical protocols for achieving predictable and satisfying outcomes in restorative dentistry.

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Bite Registration Recovery Process

This article, written by Matt Roberts,click to open this link in this tab emphasizes the importance of thorough patient evaluation, treatment planning, and the use of splint therapy to establish a stable foundation before restorative treatment begins. Learn how meticulous diagnostic waxing guides preparation design and informs necessary adjustments for optimal aesthetic and functional outcomes.

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