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Here is the unique CMR Dental Lab workflow - designed to make your experience seamless.

Discover the CMR Dental Labclick to open this link in this tab advantage — a streamlined workflow designed to deliver exceptional results while maximizing efficiency and precision.

Here’s what you can expect when working with us:

  • Cases Pre-Scheduled for Success
    Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your cases are prioritized and planned for success, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional care to your patients.

    We do still accept analog records.

  • Comprehensive Case Review
    Once your records are received, our team conducts a thorough review to ensure we have all the necessary information to proceed. Utilizing cutting-edge digital diagnostic tools, we leave no stone unturned in our quest for perfection.
  • Design Excellence
    Harnessing the power of advanced CAD/CAM technology, our skilled technicians meticulously design each restoration with precision and care. With tools at our disposal, we ensure that every restoration meets the highest standards of quality and aesthetics.
  • Precision Milling
    Our commitment to excellence extends to the milling process, where we utilize the latest technology to transform our designs into reality. With unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, we produce restorations that exceed expectations and delight patients.
  • Continuity = Quality
    Unlike other labs, at CMR Dental Lab, the ceramist who starts the case is the one who finishes it. This ensures continuity of quality and allows for seamless communication throughout the process, resulting in superior outcomes for your patients.
  • Effortless Invoicing and Shipping
    Once your cases are completed, we handle the invoicing and shipping with the same level of care and attention to detail that we apply to every aspect of our workflow. Sit back and relax, knowing that your restorations are in good hands from start to finish.
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Testimonials about CMR Dental Lab

Hear from experts who we have worked with.

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‘‘I had the opportunity to work with Matt 2 years ago on my first case. I've worked with lots of lab technicians, but Matt's knowledge and attention to detail are unmatched. He delivered beyond my expectations and certainly my patients' as well; I'd recommend him to anyone who wants the best. He will deliver.’’

Chad Schnabel

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‘‘This is at least the 10th crown and bridge lab I've worked with in my career. This delivery of 6 anterior units was the smoothest delivery I've ever made and, by far, the most beautiful porcelain work. Pristine margins, even interproximal, and balanced incisal contacts. Even having worked with other AACD-accredited technicians, I've never experienced anything like this. Well worth the extra 3-4 week wait. CMR gave me back a perfect showcase result!’’

Peter Jeppsen

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‘‘As a prosthodontist, I have worked with many, many dental labs. The attention to detail and restoration quality that CMR Dental Lab delivers is exceptional. Highly highly recommended.’’

Graham Meng

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What to Send to CMR Dental Lab

Our experts will handle the rest.

To ensure the seamless fabrication of your restorations, please send us the following information (as relevant to your needs) when sending cases to us:

  • Master Impression or Scan
    Include precise impressions of both the maxillary and mandibular arches. These impressions serve as the foundation for creating accurate restorations.

    You can send a scan, and we accept iTero, Trios, or STL files.

  • Provisional Restoration Scan or Model
    Provide detailed impressions, models, or scan of any provisional restorations that have been placed.

    This allows us to tailor our fabrication process to align with the existing provisional work.

  • Preoperative Scan or Models
    Provide detailed impressions, models, or scan of any preoperative restorations.
  • Bite Registrations or Scans
    Include bite registrations for master models/scans specifying whether the bite is taken at Maximum Intercuspation (MIP), Centric Relation (CR), or a neuromuscular position. This crucial information helps us ensure proper mounting of the case on an articulator. You can send both physical and scan bites if you prefer.

    Please supply bite registrations or a bite scan of the approved adjusted provisionals, which allows us to cross reference the prep bite and the temp bite to also ensure proper mounting of the case.

  • Photos for Communication

    Provide photos illustrating the clinical condition and goals of the case. These visuals aid in effective communication and treatment planning. Ensure to refer to the sample set for guidance here.

  • Detailed Lab Slip

    Fill out the detailed laboratory prescription. click to open this link in a new tab This document captures essential information such as restorative material type, desired shade, and treatment goals. Completing this form accurately streamlines the fabrication process.

  • Additional Materials
    Some clients choose to include PowerPoint presentations, Keynote presentations, or short video clips showcasing patient goals and treatment perspectives. While not mandatory, these supplementary materials can enhance communication and provide valuable insights.

    Please utilize our electronic laboratory prescription to provide comprehensive case details and send via email, or print and post to our office. By furnishing all necessary information, you enable us to deliver precise, timely restorations tailored to your patient’s needs.

    Should you have any questions or require clarification, feel free to reach out to our teamclick to open this link in this tab for assistance. We are committed to maximizing the efficiency of your case submissions and ensuring optimal treatment outcomes for your patients.

    Some clients prefer to send a stick bite and face bow transfer, but these items are not required.

Photo Guide

To ensure precise treatment planning and fabrication, follow these steps when capturing and sending photos for diagnostic evaluation and treatment:

These first four photos plus a stick bite photo are required for a diagnostic wax-up or PMMA Esthetic overlays. The final treatment of the case requires the other photos to be taken.

A full face photo is a mandatory photo for anterior cases.

  1. Straight on 1:2 photo of the preoperative condition. (In this case, the patient initially presented with previous dental work that was in need of being redone).
  2. Left Lateral 1:2.
  3. Right Lateral 1:2.
  4. Straight on, big smile with the incisal edges visible. Ask the patient to “open and smile” if needed to see the teeth.
The close-up smile of a woman seen from a frontal plane
The close-up smile of a woman seen from a plane to the left
The close-up smile of a woman seen from a plane to the right
A woman smiling from the front on a black background showing off her smile

Photos of Temporaries

  1. 1:2 straight on. This provides a closer look at how the provisional restorations are shaped and how they interact with the lips.
  2. Temps right lateral view 1:2. This helps evaluate the incisal edge vs. the wet-dry line on the lip.
  3. Right lateral 1:2. This also helps evaluate how the teeth interact with the lips.
  4. Full-face photo of the temps, with a big smile. Be sure the patient is looking right into the camera. Use a high-resolution photo that will allow us to zoom in and crop the photo to see more detail. Have the patient open while smiling if necessary to expose the incisal edges. You want to see the bicuspid cusp tips as well. This is the photo that will direct the final design of the smile.

For Final Smile Design

  1. Face bow verification photo. Be sure the photo angle is straight on, or you will not be able to evaluate the photo properly.
  2. Stick bite photo. Be sure the patient is looking straight into the camera. If the photo is taken from a slightly lateral angle, it will appear that the stick is canting one way or the other. Patients do not need to bite hard into this!
  3. Bigger full-face smile showing the gingival display. This is another “open slightly and smile” shot. This is something that people don’t naturally do without instruction; professional models are taught to do this. It is a great shot for smile design, everything is visible and can be evaluated.
  4. Looking down on the midline shows the wet dry line and how the centrals relate to the lips.
  5. Shade communication of gingival color is only necessary for cases where we are using pink ceramic to match the patient’s natural gingiva.
  6. Shade matching photos. Try to keep shade tabs in the same focal plane as the teeth. Be sure the shade tabs can be identified in the photo. It is good to take this photo from several different angles if we are trying to match a single existing tooth. In this case, one photo like this is adequate to show the color of the provisionals and let us know what shade the patient would like for their final restorations.

Ensure all photos are clear, well-lit, and taken at the correct angles to facilitate accurate treatment planning and fabrication. These photos serve as invaluable communication tools between clinicians and our lab, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes for your patients.

A woman from the front smiling while holding some dentist artifacts in her mouth
A patient looking directly at the camera with a stick bite
A woman smiling from the front on a black background showing off her smile
A woman looking down smiling showing a plan of what her teeth look like from above
A close up shot of a patient's mouth showing 3 Color Planes on a patient's teeth
A patient's teeth along with a palette of different shades of white of 4 false teeth

Unrivaled Quality Restoration Materials

Elevating dentistry through innovation.

At CMR Dental Lab, click to open this link in this tab we’re dedicated to excellence, ensuring each restoration meets the highest standards.

Our commitment to quality materials, precision at every step, high-tech analysis, and the latest technologies guarantees superior outcomes.

With a focus on durability, aesthetics, and functionality, our materials empower clinicians to deliver exceptional results, enhancing patient satisfaction and trust.

Explore our materials page for detailed insights into each option, and partner with us to elevate your practice with cutting-edge technology and superior materials.

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